Went On A Kayak Tour Of The Bioluminescence Bay In Grand Cayman Island

My husband and I wanted to get away for a small vacation. We hadn’t went on vacation in a few years because we had both been very busy with work and weren’t able to get the time off from work. We were finally at a point where we could afford a vacation and we would be able to take the time we needed from work. We started searching online for a different place to go to. We didn’t have any particular place in mind, and just wanted to see what our options were. 

I searched for trip deals online and found a few different websites. After looking at these trips and seeing the prices of all of them, my husband and I decided to book a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands. It was somewhere neither one of us had ever been and we both wanted to visit. 

After booking the trip, we started looking at all the things we could do while we were there. We wanted to experience a few different things like swimming with stingrays and the glowing bay. I found a great deal on a kayak tour of the Bioluminescence Bay in Grand Cayman. We were both pretty excited to see this place. 

I started researching about the glow from the Bioluminescence Bay. I learned why it glows and how it is a natural phenomenon. I couldn’t wait to see this in person. Our trip couldn’t get here soon enough. 

Once the day arrived for us to leave and go to the Cayman Islands, we were both pretty excited. We were both up early since we had to drive a few hours to the closest airport. We wanted to make sure we were there on time and left before we had originally planned. 

Upon arriving at the Cayman Islands, we were able to quickly locate our hotel. Since we had planned the kayak tour for later that day, we went ahead and got ready so we could find it. 

We had such a nice time on the whole trip, but the best part about all of it was the tour of the Bioluminescence Bay. It was a once in a lifetime experience and not something that we have in our area. I highly recommend anyone that is visiting to experience this beautiful glowing bay.

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